I took the photo below this morning from the cliff-tops looking to the east where rainclouds were receding.

In the garden after the early rain, the autumn reds were more intense than usual. These quite thick leaves are Vitis coignetiae I think.

Below, Nandina domestica.

In the even light of the overcast day the blue of this Lavender flower seemed richer than usual...

...and I noticed some late Scabiosa flowers.

This weeks ikebana is a vertical arrangement of flax leaves from the garden and some deep maroon chrysanthemum flowers that I bought from the local florist. I really liked the sense of the arrangement reaching upward. I used this arrangement to demonstrate to some new students the importance of asymmetry, line and space in ikebana.

Click the highlighted text to see Emily's latest post on her blog from Tokyo. Emily Karanikolopoulos.

Greetings from Christopher
26th April 2014

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