Officially Autumn begins on the 1st March in Australia. However, the temperature does not usually feel like autumn until sometime after the equinox (20th March). This year the temperature on the 1st April was 33 Celsius in Melbourne. The weather has now changed and we are getting some cooler days and very welcome rain-showers. This has put me in mind of an arrangement I made when I was in Denmark Western Australia. I placed a beautiful cascading line of  Virginia Creeper in a bamboo vase I made a day or two earlier. The simple line was enhanced by the lovely double shadow on the wall behind.

While thinking about autumn click on the link to autumn grass arrangements from the Melbourne Ikebana International April meeting. Below are two photos of 'Boston Ivy' (Parthenocissus tricuspidata) that grows on the wall beside the steps to our house. It is one of the few plants that show autumn colour in our garden, which has mostly Australian native plants.

Last week I picked some vine from our garden for the first time. It had started to climb into one of the trees and I thought I should cut it back a bit. I have arranged two small pieces in a tall vase with a tenmoku glaze and added a single vitus leaf.

My colleague Emily has 'published' two blog posts in the last week. Click the highlighted text to see her blog. Emily Karanikolopoulos.

Greetings from Christopher
19th April 2014

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