Since last week winter seems to have arrived rather suddenly in our part of the world, following a very mild autumn. There was a late burst of warm weather recently that has confused many plants in the garden which have now started putting forth spring leaves. Our ornamental grape vine is in 'bud burst' at least two months early. In the meantime there is still some beautiful 'autumn colour' to be seen. I noticed these colourful leaves among some escalonia in a neighbour's garden. I think they are from an ornamental peach.

In another garden a pittosporum (click on the coloured text for further information) with orange berries was cascading over the fence. This particular pittosporum is from the east coast of Australia and is regarded as an invasive weed in some places.

I thought the leaves and berries would make a lovely subject for a small naturalistic autumn arrangement in an irregularly shaped vase made by Barry Singleton. The vase has a very thick shino-type glaze and some orange from the iron in the clay shows through the thinner parts of the glaze.

Greetings from Christopher
7th June 2014

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