In my posting on 31st May I showed a photograph of a sculpture by Sofu Teshigahara that I used in the Sogetsu School Victorian Branch 50th Anniversary Exhibition (click on the blue text to see that posting). Below is a photo from a booklet of Sofu's 1967 visit to Australia in which he has used several similar sculptures together in an arrangement. 

Some visitors to the exhibition from Sydney told me that these sculptures were assembled to create a large single assembled work. Below is a photograph of similar sculptures that are described as being from Sofu's 'Kojiki' series. The sculptured wood in the photograph appear to be in a natural state and do not seem to be covered with aluminium sheeting. They have been set in the Plaza in front of the Imperial Palace in Tokyo.

At the beginning of last week I attended the monthly meeting of Ikebana International in Melbourne. The guest speaker was Jane Sawyer, a Victorian based ceramic artist who, as a post graduate art/craft teacher, served a two year apprenticeship at the Shussai-Gama pottery in Shimane, Japan 1985 - 1987. She gave a wonderful presentation about her work and the aesthetic of the 'mingei' movement that forms the philosophical basis of that pottery.

At the meeting members created ikebana in ceramic vessels from their own collections that had special meaning for them. Below is my ikebana in a ceramic bottle made by Akutsu Tadao that I bought in Mashiko in 2011.

To see images of other ikebana at the meeting click on the blue text Ikebana International.

Greetings from Christopher
12th July 2014

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