In the garden the Flowering Quince * (Chaenomeles Japonica), also commonly called Japonica, is blossoming well this year; much to my delight. To me this blossom is a strong reminder of beautiful large arrangements of blossoming branches my oldest friend's mother used to make when I was a child. Here it is in our garden.

Last weekend, the local Surfcoast Shire held its annual 'Arts Trail' with the studio spaces of over 30 local artists and art groups being open to the public. An exhibition of paintings by a local study group was held in the Spring Creek Community House and I was invited to participate by creating two ikebana works. I posted a photo of the first of these at the end of last weeks blog entry. Below is a photo of some strongly textured dried agave leaves that I found with interesting shapes. I thought they would go well with the Flowering Quince.

This next photo is of the second work I made using a box shaped ikebana vessel is by Nakamura Yutaka * from Echizen in Japan.

On Tuesday, I attended the Annual General Meeting of Ikebana International In Melbourne in which the heads of three schools (Shogetsudokoryu, Sogetsu and Ohara) gave a demonstration on the theme of using Willow. The following link will take you to photos of the demonstration and to other photos of ikebana by attending members.

* Click on the coloured text for further information.

Greetings from Christopher
17th August 2014

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  1. Dear Christopher, I love this arrangement and the vase is quite extraordinary too. Wonderful to have the childhood memories from plants in ones own garden. Best, Michael.