At the beginning of August I posted some photos from the workshops run by Mr Umemura for the Victorian Branch of the Sogetsu School. One of the exercises that he set was the 'Intertwining of Materials', a subject I had coincidently set for my students a few weeks earlier. The two photos below are of an ikebana arrangement by my student Maureen. I really liked the way she had made her intertwining materials also stretch upward in a strong vertical movement.

This second photo shows the lines emerging from the vase and then entwining.

The Apricot in our garden is self-sown and does not fruit well. However, it provides some shade and screens the north wall of the conservatory in summer

The next photo is one I posted two weeks ago of an ikebana work I made for the Surfcoast Shire Art Trail using winter branches of the apricot. I had joined the tips of the branchlets together to make crescent shaped curves. This was the final evolution of my experiments with these branches from my garden.

The arrangement below is the earliest version of using this material, with cotoneaster berries as a focal contrast. The split cylinder vase was originally designed by Hiroshi Teshigahara * and the surface design in this case was designed by the Iemoto Akane Teshigahara * for her tenth anniversary year.

Greetings from Christopher
24th August 2014
 * Click on the coloured text for further information.

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