New York, New York.

The view below is of the  lower Manhattan skyline, with the Brooklyn bridge in the foreground, taken from the Manhattan bridge. We arrived in New York last Monday evening.

Our flight from Australia was long and somewhat exhausting. A gentle walk in Central Park was restorative. 

I certainly had not expected to see such a natural feature as these beautiful rocky outcrops.

We took this walk after our first engagement on Tuesday in New York, which was luncheon at the Nippon Club and a demonstration by Ms Nobu Kurashige * , Head Ikenobo Professor and Managing Director of Ikenobo North American Headquarters.  

Here are some of the elegant works she created.

The next photo shows some of the attendees viewing the ikebana after the luncheon. 

On the next day Laurie and I visited the Frick Collection. To me, a little slice of Europe, in an exquisite house museum overlooking Central Park. The quite amazing collection included portraits by Holbein of Thomas Moore and Thomas Cromwell * . The life of the latter is the subject of two recent books by Hilary Mantel.

( * Click on the blue text for further information)

Greetings from Christopher
in New York.

20th September 2014

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