WINTER/SPRING transition time = SPRINTER

Last week I commented on the beautiful warm sunny afternoons we had been enjoying in the previous week. Two days later, on the official first day of Spring, September 1st - according to Australian practice, we had a whole day of rain and cold winds. So, I was interested when my brother sent a link to an article by the Director of the Melbourne Royal Botanic Gardens, Dr Tim Entwisle, who proposes that we learn from the aboriginal view of the seasons * ( You may need to scroll down to find the article posted 31st August). In our area of Australia five seasons were recognised by those who lived here before European settlement. In the west of our state, about three hours drive from where we live, six seasons were identified according to the Bureau of Meterology Indigenous Weather Knowledge * project.

Below are some additional wildflowers that I had photographed last week in Iron Bark Basin. The first two are of 'Green Hood' * ground orchids, members of the Pterostylis genus.

The next is a 'running postman' flower, kennedia prostrata *.

Speaking of seasons, in two weeks I will make a sudden change from Spring ('Sprinter' as proposed by Dr Entwisle) to Autumn as I will be  in North America. Expect a different look.

Last weekend I attended a Sogetsu Ikebana, Victorian Branch, workshop on the theme of 'A Random Encounter' *. Many more photos are on the 'recent workshops' tab of the Victorian Branch website. Below is a photo of my example followed by a re-working of the exercise I did later at home with different floral material. An explanation of 'random encounter' is given on the Sogetsu Victorian Branch website.

Greetings from Christopher
7th September 2014

* Click on the blue text for more information

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