I have been doing some internet research following an enquiry by Gail, who lives in New York State, about the seed heads I used in my 'Memories of Summer' arrangement last week. To my amazement have discovered it is an indigenous plant, spinifex sericeus *, and not marram grass at all. These two grasses look very similar to the untrained eye and share many adaptation features for growing on the harsh environment of sand-dunes. One of their most noticable differences is that the spinifex has the beautiful seed heads I showed last week. In my journey of discovery I also learnt that the nearby town of Barwon Heads, east of Torquay, has a voluntary conservation group that has an excellent website that focusses on a coastal headland and the adjacent marine environment. Check their website: 'Friends of The Bluff' *.

In keeping with the summer theme of last week, the ikebana above also features driftwood and some unidentified fresh flowers I bought. The stems of the  flowers looked a bit like dianthus, however the flowers reminded me of poppies.

I also created this arrangement of nandina domestica leaves, from the garden, in a circular glass and metal vase. I was pleased that I managed to reseal this leaking vase by painting the joins with PVA wood glue the night before. A major advantage of the glue is that it dries clear. I was fascinated by the red edge that developed on the leaves and pleased to have two of them above the water surface.

Greetings from Christopher.
21st February 2015

* click on the blue text for further information.


  1. Love the arrangements this week, as usual. Such a talented artist you are, Christopher.

  2. My inquiry turned into an educational adventure. I really love the glass container arrangement with the red edged nandina leaves that is stunning.