On Thursday I gave the third New Zealand workshop, in the city of Christchurch; a city still much affected and being rebuilt in the aftermath of earthquakes in November 2010 and February 2011.

The workshops were held in the Visitor Centre on the edge of the Avon River in the Botanic Gardens. I demonstrated a ‘basic slanting’ arrangement and an ‘arrangement without the use of a kenzan. The materials were collected from the beautiful garden of Lyn Leslie-Cartwright, the Director of the Christchurch Branch of the Sogetsu School.

Red maple leaves and pink roses.

Cherry branches and home grown (!) alstroemeria.

Vicky arranged yellow chrysanthemum with autumnal branches in a low bowl.

Ellen created this arrangement in the workshop, using pine and a vine with a small white flower.

Some of the works were then installed in the cafe and shop in the Visitor Centre as an exhibition for the next few days.

At one entrance Gloria and Kay created this large sculptural work. Behind the glass screen, within the entrance vestibule, was a second structure.

The two works connected to each other through the decorated glass screen. Vicki’s arrangement can be seen to the left of the larger structure. It is inside the shop.

Ellen’s workshop piece became a joint arrangement when it was re-worked by Lyn for the exhibition, with the addition of some golden pine and dried branches. It is standing on the highly-polished stainless steel counter-top of the Visitor Centre shop.

Click the following link to photos from the  'Wellington workshop', you will need to scroll down to the last two photo links marked Christopher James workshops.

Greetings from Christopher

24th May 2015

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  1. Wow, I looks like you had a wonderful trip. Arrangements are stunning. Best, Michael