This week I attended the monthly meeting of Ikebana International in Melbourne. (The meeting included a tribute to a former life member of the Chapter, Mrs Masumi Jackson, who died in March.) The theme of the meeting was Japanese Day and our guest presenter was Mr Sam Ito, a chef, who gave a wonderful and informative demonstration of how to make sushi rolls, which later we all got to practise. 

I discovered the importance of moistening one's hands before handling the sticky rice (it stops the stickiness). 

The sushi in this photo was all made by I. I. members. Not too bad, I suppose, for a first effort by some of us.

Before the meeting members were encouraged to make ikebana in tableware, in keeping with the sushi-making theme. 

I decided to use some interesting dishes made by Terunobu Hirata * , some of whose pots can be seen on this link. For more photos from the meeting, follow the links: Ikebana International * June meeting.

Greetings from Christopher
14th June 2015

* click on the blue text for further information

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