A further 'holiday pics' indulgence. When I down-loaded photos from my camera this week I discovered a few from our last day in Queenstown, New Zealand, a couple of weeks ago. 

I was amused by the advertising gimmick of this landscape design firm. (They weren't just advertising plastic grass).

The depth of snow at the carpark on Coronet Peak, about 20 minutes from the centre of town, was sufficient for this child to have fun throwing handfuls of snow.

We were therefore rather surprised to see snow making machines operating.

For someone not much used to snow this view across Lake Wakatipu was really splendid. I was entranced by the bright patches of sunlit snow glowing through the layers of clouds. By comparison winter is much more mild on the south coast of Victoria. However, we regard it as cold when the temperature is less than 13 C at its maximum; as was the case earlier this week.

Today I spotted this Egret * in Spring Creek, Torquay...   

...and realised this was what made these lovely patterns in the mud a few weeks ago.

This week's ikebana has a wintery feel, and is a freestyle using lichen covered seed pods of Eucalyptus forrestiana * . I am not sure of the name of the greenish flower, which is also a Eucalyptus species. The silvery looking ceramic vase is by Arikawa Makoto, a young ceramic artist who had a temporary exhibition that I saw in Tokyo in 2011. 

Greetings from Christopher
6th June 2015

* Click on the blue text for further information.

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  1. I love that car, and your interesting arrangement.