The 6th August this year was the 70th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima. On Sunday 9th August, the first Sunday after the 6th, an ecumenical commemorative service was held in St Paul's Cathedral in Melbourne. Ikebana International Chapter 29 provided two arrangements for the service and the Japanese Consul General, Ms Haneda, was in attendance. The most recent posting on the I.I. website shows some photos of the arrangements, by Chieko Yazaki (Shogetsudokoryu school) and Elizabeth Angell (Sogetsu school), for the Hiroshima Peace Day * service.

A couple of weeks ago my teacher had set the exercise of using either narcissus or daffodils in an arrangement. 

I used these flowers in a revision exercise of a 'basic upright arrangement', for some of my students. The branch material is New Zealand 'mirror bush' * (Coprosma repens). A very hardy, salt spray tolerant, bush that has become an environmental weed in some places in southern Australia.

Here are some more daffodils in a freestyle arrangement. Perhaps a bit too subtle, as there is a third daffodil behind the corky elm. The tips of some petals are peeping on the righthand side. I rather like the contrast of these bright yellow petals with the rough texture of the elm.

Greetings from Christopher
23rd August 2015

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