In my last post I had intended to provide a link to a Sogetsu workshop I had gone to at the beginning of that week. The presenter was Reiko Ito and some photos from the workshop are on the Sogetsu website. The subject was 'Two vessels, with a Winter Feeling' *. 

During the week I attended a class with my teacher, Elizabeth, on the theme of using a glass vessel.

I liked her example of the exercise, above, in which she used an Arum lily and contrasted it with some pieces of red dogwood which she cut just below each fork, creating multiple 'V' shapes.

I used a shallow art-glass dish in which I placed a single red camellia. Because this meant the work was very low and flat I have curved five dietes grandiflora * leaves from underneath the dish and intersected them above the dish creating a much larger work.

This week the Flowering Quince in our garden looked more prolific than I remember it being last year...

...and the cutting given to me by my ikebana colleague, Joan, is also doing well. However, the white one is still too small to cut.


I was really pleased to find some branches with very interesting lines and arranged them in a suiban.

I subsequently added some daffodils that I have arranged with their trumpets facing inward so that they are 'talking' to each other. This seems necessary to give the work an ikebana feel.

Greetings from Christopher
1st August 2015

* Click on the blue text for further information

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