Below is a view of the western end of the beach as I usually see it in my minds eye. 

However, at this time of year...

            can also look like this. 

I must admit one of the blessings of the environment in which I live is that, in winter it is more common for the sun to shine, even if only for a short time, on most days, than it is to be overcast for days on end.  

The week has been a busy one, with the annual exhibition of the Sogetsu School of Ikebana, Victorian Branch being held. I was privileged to be tasked with making a large ikebana work in the window of the Melbourne Style Gallery. In this I was assisted by my student Nici.

The exhibition is entitled 'Winter in Ikebana' *, and includes a wide variety of interpretations of the theme, as is the Sogetsu practise. In my work I have used three large branches of magnolia, camellia and dwarf nandina leaves, and three white chrysanthemums. I was particularly attracted by the idea of contrasting the bare branches of the deciduous magnolia with the green and red leaves that survive the cold of winter.  

The arrangement is in a Shigaraki * storage vessel, with a highly textured surface and ash glazing on the right-hand shoulder.

Greetings from Christopher
8th August 2015

* Click on the blue text for photos of the exhibition and Shigaraki ceramics.

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  1. That is a lovely arrangement in a gorgeous container. Did you provide the backdrop behind your arrangement?