At the beginning of this week I attended the AGM of Ikebana International Melbourne. Following the devastation of WWII, this organisation was founded by Ellen Gordon Allen in 1956 ' stimulate international friendship and spread goodwill throughout the world...' 1. , as expressed by the motto: 'Friendship through Flowers' * . There are five ikebana schools represented in the Melbourne Chapter, and at the AGM a representative of each of the schools gave a demonstration as part of the meeting. 

We are now in late winter and the weather is beginning to change here, leading to greater variability. Cold fronts come through bringing rain, which often is then followed by brilliant sunshine.

One consequence is wonderfully dramatic cloud formations in the sky.

But also flowers like this native Clematis (C. microphylla) have come out and festoon our back fence.

 These creamy green flowers are about 4 - 5cms across.

This weekend our local shire council is sponsoring an 'Arts Trail' in which local artists and art teachers hold exhibitions to show the community what is going on that might otherwise not be noticed. My local, beginners' ikebana class exhibited in the same venue as some visual artists.

This work is by Leonie, using dietes leaves and oriental lilies.

Jill has arranged some flowering prunus branches with camellias.

Charmaine created a horizontal arrangement of New Zealand flax leaves and 'red hot pokers'.

I have added to, and re-worked, some material I used on 4th July. It is branches from our apricot tree and chrysanthemums in a 
no-kenzan arrangement.

Greetings from Christopher
15th August 2015

1. Coe, Stella. Ikebana a practical and philosophical guide to Japanese flower arrangement

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