In this part of the world the weather in Spring-time is especially variable. On Monday last week the temperature got to 28 Celsius. At the end of the day a cool change brought the temperatures down and very welcome heavy rain overnight. The maximum on Tuesday was 13C. 

At 8.00 am the beach look like this...

...and the creek was flowing swiftly out to sea as a result of the overnight rain.

Then the sun came out, illuminating the cliffs. The combination of warm weather and rain has brought out the first of the roses. 

On the pergola a climbing Lorraine Lee releases its perfume.

And hangs over a Cecile Brunner.


The annual Ikebana International exhibition that I mentioned a couple of weeks ago finished last weekend and photos can be seen at I.I. Melbourne Annual Exhibition * . For the first time the exhibition was held over two weeks. This meant greater exposure for the Melbourne Chapter and the opportunity for 39 members to exhibit. For me, as the curator, and other I.I. members, it also meant a lot of work. 

We were fortunate in being able to hold the exhibition in the ground floor gallery of the Town Hall in the main thoroughfare of the city.

This was the view from the footpath through one of the windows on the street. I was responsible for the layout design, the placement of the exhibitors' arrangements and installations and the design of the window poster seen in the photo above. The ikebana featured in the poster is by Chieko Yazaki the President of Ikebana International Melbourne Chapter.

Taking the advice of my mentors, my own ikebana contribution, in the second week of the exhibition, was uncomplicated. One head of a gymea lily * flower and three leaves arranged in a vessel by Graeme Wilkie of Qdos Gallery.

Greetings from Christopher 
19th September 2015

* Click on the blue text for further information.

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