As I mentioned last week, we are hosting visitors from Ottawa at the moment. So of course we had to go in search of some Australian flora and fauna at the Iron Bark Basin nature reserve, part of the Great Otway National Park.

This view is of the walking path into the reserve and is typical of the forest type, with low-growing eucalypts, an understory of Grass trees (Xanthorrhea * ), and a variety of heath plants including - at this time of year - small terrestrial orchids. 

This orchid is known as the Donkey Orchid (diuris carinata).

We also spotted this crimson rosella * coming out of a hollow in a tree branch.

The nature reserve is in the forest above these cliffs at the sea shore.

We saw this sign at the road side...

...and the proof can be seen in the distance between Leonora and Laurie.

The wonders of a zoom lens! 

On Wednesday Leonora and Eleanor attended a class with Emily Karanikolopoulos in which the subject was to work with the pruned leaves of her overgrown Strelitzia Nicolai * .

Leonora made an arrangement in two vessels, using dried and fresh material and added an arum lily. 

Eleanor used a large dried strelitzia leaf, some fresh strelitzia leaf and a small palm spathe.

As I mentioned last week, Emily gave a workshop for the Victorian Branch of the Sogetsu school at which participants were invited to create ikebana inspired by a favourite artist or work of art.
Follow the link: Art re-interpreted * . 

Greetings from Christopher
3rd October 2015

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