In mid August I posted the image, below, of some small native Clematis (c. microphylla) growing on our back fence. This dainty flower makes a large creamy-green mass covering the surface on which it grows. 

One of the delights of the plant is that it makes a second fluffy mass when all the seeds heads form, now three months later.   

These two photos are of a plant growing on a fence on the cliff top overlooking the beach. You can see the barbwire fence in the top right hand corner of the photo.

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I recently set my students the exercise of making a mass 'floating' above the vessel that they were using.

This example is one I made a long time ago using Abelia in a tall ceramic vase that has two side openings.

Above is my class demonstration, using New Zealand Flax and a single Calistemon from the garden. The vessel is by the New Zealand ceramicist, Elena Renker * . 

Greetings from Christopher
8th November 2015

* Click on the blue text for further information.

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