This week we have been visited by our friends from Norway, Lennart and Svein. Lennart was the creator of the Nordic Lotus blog * . Its publication is currently in recess. During their visit we took them to see the huge Tree Ferns in the Otway ranges.

Svein and Lennart at the Erskine Waterfall.

There are a lot of steps to descend to the waterfall... the falls are 30 metres high.

This pool is below the falls, which you can just see reflected in the water.

On our return journey we stopped to see kangaroos at the Anglesea Golf Course. It was mid-afternoon so they were not very active as you can see.

Lennart joined my class in Geelong, where I had set a combined exercise using a theme from both Book 3 and Book 4 of the Sogetsu curriculum. The combining of exercises is an idea introduced to the Victorian Branch of the Sogetsu School by Yoshiro Umemura from Sydney. In this case the exercises are Kabuwake (divided groups, using two or more kenzans) and Using Branch Material only.  The important feature of Kabuwake is to emphasise the space between the groups in the arrangement.
Unfortunately, in some of the photos the space seems less obvious because of the flattening in the photographic image.

Maureen used lemon tree branches and Azalea.

Christine used white Crepe Myrtle and Smoke Bush leaves.

Helen used geranium and roses.

Ellie used Casuarina and native Hibiscus.

Lennart used Acacia Baileyana, Nerium Oleander and two different kinds of Eucalyptus, one in flower and the other having seed pods. Here it has been reconstructed in the niche at home after the class.

Greetings from Christopher
28th February 2016

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