Last weekend the Victorian Branch of the Sogetsu School was treated to two days of workshops led by Yoshiro Umemura from Sydney. He challenged us with workshop themes that combine two exercises from the Sogetsu curriculum; one from Book 3 and a second exercise from Book 4. 

At the first workshop the exercises were: 'An arrangement using a variety of materials' and 'Using straight lines'. The first of these exercises derives from the traditional mazesashi arrangement of seven autumn grasses, which was usually made in a basket.

Because of the second, 'straight line' requirement in the theme, I selected materials that contained principally straight lines and then further emphasised them by adding two inverted triangles made from 'umbrella grass'. 

The second workshop themes were: 'an arrangement incorporating fruiting branches' and 'using straight and curving lines'. In the latter exercise it is preferable to use more of either the straight or the curving lines rather than an even balance of both of them.

I have used some pomegranates and curving lines made from Coast Sword Sedge (Lepidosperma gladiatum). The curving lines are contrasted with an angled line of a strelitzia leaf stem.

Photographs from the workshop are shown on the Victorian Branch, Sogetsu website * . 

Last week my colleague Emily Karanikolopoulos returned from Japan where, at the end of March, she was awarded a Riji Certificate, the highest qualification available to Sogetsu teachers outside Japan. Here is a link to her blog: Emily Karanikolopoulos *  (You will need to scroll down to the posting on the 30th March to see her photos).

Greetings from Christopher
16th April 2016

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