Regular followers of Roadside Ikebana will have realised that life has been busy here on the southwest coast of Victoria. I am still in catch up mode and now want to draw your attention to a recent workshop of the Victorian Branch of the Sogetsu School. The workshop was lead by Thea Sartori, two weeks ago on the 16th May; you can check the photos here, on the theme Three Simplified Arrangements * .

For this week's ikebana, below are two photos of arrangements using roses that I made some time ago. 

The first was an experiment in making a vertical freestyle work based on the idea of a 'double shin'. I have not previously used a tall vase for this arrangement and in this case have massed seven orange roses between two vertical lines of pomaderis paniculosa * , a shrub native to this area and growing in our garden. The vase is by Graeme Wilkie *. 

This is not a correct 'double shin' arrangement because the long lines are too dissimilar in length and mass compared, for example, to the photo below originally posted in February 2012 .

The second arrangement is an asymmetrically placed mass of voluptuous pink roses in a shallow bowl made by Phil Elson * .

Greetings from Christopher
29th May 2016

* Click on the blue text for further information.

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