It has been very chilly and wet this past week; so when the sun did break through we took the opportunity to go for a walk outside.  We were surprised to see this bird beside the path near the beach. I think it is a square tailed kite * , however I would welcome identification from an authority. The bird seemed to have just caught an insect or possibly a mouse when we surprised it as we walked passed. It looks strange in the photos as it turned its head completely around to look at us over its back.


This week for my Melbourne students I demonstrated a shin arrangement that my first teacher taught, usually using irises. In the new Sogetsu curriculum it is taught as a 'Vertical Arrangement'. It is important that there is a strong sense of upward movement is this arrangement.

I had to prune quite a number of leaves as well as buds which were too horizontal and interrupted the upward reach. I have used oriental lilies and some dwarf nandina domestica * at the base. The early morning sunlight and shadow contributes to the vertical feeling. The ceramic suiban is by Jane Barrow.

Greetings from Christopher
26th June 2016

* Click on the blue text for further information.

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