The 1st June marks the beginning of winter in our part of the world. After a warm and mostly rather dry autumn we have finally had some cool weather and good rain. The rain has meant the conditions in the garden are right to do some weeding before things get out of control. Below are some late autumn - early winter images I captured between bouts of weeding.

The apricot leaves have suddenly started to turn yellow and fall. There is a good chance they will all be on the ground by the end of the next fortnight.

I have recently planted some nasturtiums and was delighted to see raindrops caught within the gently dished leaves.

An interesting surprise was this scabiosa with what looks like new flowerheads that are entirely green.


This pink flower was one of the last ones in the garden at the end of autumn.

The correa, Dusky bells, beside the path has also responded well to the recent rain.

In keeping with the change of season I set some students the exercise of making a 'winter arrangement'. For my demonstration I chose a lichen covered branch that I placed across a suiban and contrasted with an intense red geranium from the garden.

Greetings from Christopher 
5th June 2016

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