This week the first of the climbing Lorraine Lee * roses has opened. This is a prolifically flowering Alister Clark * rose that has a lovely, light sweet perfume. 

The rose is growing on a pergola and is usually ravaged by marauding possums which like to eat the soft new growth of the plant, and the ornamental grape that also grows on the pergola. So far this season they have not done any damage. I live in hope.

Here is a cluster of blossoms on a branch that overhangs the garden path.

In keeping with these late winter images, my teacher recently set our class the exercise of arranging camellia with a second different material, of any kind. 

I decided to make a modern arrangement of bare apricot branches (plenty of these to spare after the winter pruning) and a rich pink camellia. I have spaced the branches irregularly and braced  them across a suiban. The branches then provide support for the flower stems allowing me to show the space below them without using a kenzan. 

Follow the link here to Ikebana International Melbourne Chapter * blog. The AGM was held last Tuesday, at which meeting there were demonstrations from the Sogetsu, Shogetsudokoryu, Ohara and Ikenobo schools. 

Greetings from Christopher
14th August 2016

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