Last weekend in Torquay and nearby towns many artists and art groups opened the doors of their studios to the general public in a two day event organised by our Shire Council called the Arts Trail * . In Torquay I teach an ikebana class through an organisation called the University of the Third Age * . This organisation operates on a learning exchange model. It is targeted at people in the 'third age' of their lives, having finished with full-time employment and childrearing.

As part of the Arts Trail my students and I held a collaborative exhibition with members of the Probus Art Group over the weekend. Paintings and drawings in a variety of media were hung on the walls of a large community space and our ikebana was placed on tables around the room.

These next photos are of the individual arrangement. I was quite interested to see how the first two changed as the flower buds opened.


 Above, by Leonie.




... and Ros.

For my arrangement I used a vase given to me by Doreen Schofield, a longstanding member of the Sogetsu School and Ikebana International in Melbourne.   

I used apricot branches and Japanese Flowering Quince from our garden, and camellia leaves. The vase was made by the New Zealand potter, Keith Blight, and is a slab construction of marbled clay.

Greetings from Christopher
20th August 2016

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