On Friday evening the Ikebana International Melbourne Chapter annual exhibition closed after 10 days and three changes of the smaller works. The following photos are to try to give a feel of the overall appearance and layout of the space we used.

As visitors entered the doors from the street the first thing they saw was the three shoji screens directly in front of them framing three domestic scaled ikebana works. To the right is the wide opening into the second, larger room.

The two rooms of the gallery are are on the ground floor of the Melbourne Town Hall. This photo shows the first room with the door on the left that opens onto the footpath of the main north/south road through the city centre of Melbourne.

This general view of the second room was taken on the opening day of the exhibition. On the left hand side Mrs Chieko Yazaki, President of I.I. Melbourne, is guiding Ms Keiko Hanada, the Consul-General of Japan for Victoria and Tasmania, around the exhibition.

The two photos above try to capture the feel of the second room. The windows look onto the main street. (The white cards on the floor are 'do not touch' signs.)

For the third session of the exhibition I created my own ikebana. The challenge for a curator, me in this case, was to do something that did not require a great deal of work setting it up because I needed to assist others first. Prior preparation and simplicity in execution were of the essence.

My ikebana turned out very difficult to photograph satisfactorily because of the height of the sedge leaves, over 2 metres above the floor, so were above my head. Because the plinth was only 30cms high, at close quarters the large bowl was viewed from above.

Also, I arranged the low plinth so that it projected from the wall. This meant that the arrangement was seen from three distinctly different angles.

In this photo you can see that the leaves were arranged in two groups on either side of the large piece of 'driftwood'.

I have used Australian native materials: banksia, coastal sword sedge and moonah driftwood; in a large vessel by Graeme Wilkie of Qdos Gallery * .

Ikebana International Melbourne Chapter Exhibition Photos Sessions B and C * .

Greetings from Christopher
18th September 2016

* Click on the blue text for further information.

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  1. That is a beautiful piece of driftwood and a wonderful container you have selected to use with it. I like the materials you chose to use with those two items, really very nice.
    What are those white pieces of paper on the floors in the display area?