Yesterday we drove down to Lorne to visit the Qdos Art Gallery * . Unusually wet weather in the past two weeks had resulted in the closure of the Great Ocean Road beyond Lorne, because of land-slips and rock-falls. For a couple of days it was even closed between Torquay and Lorne. However, the beautiful sunny day belied the drama of the previous fortnight.


Seen on the approach along the Great Ocean Road, the township of Lorne on its forested hillside is always beautiful. Laurie was driving when I took these photos from the car.

We had come to see the results of the first firing of the large anagama kiln since 2013. However, the weather and a landslip beside the kiln had disrupted the process. The firing is now scheduled to begin in about a week's time and will take up to three weeks before it is completed, including the cooling down time.

Instead we were able to see the unfired 'greenware' and Graeme Wilkie making final preparations including stacking the kiln.

The photo above is of Graeme beside the kiln during its last firing in 2013. Over the recent past the huge kiln has been 're-furbished', with extra layers of 'mud' increasing its insulation and heat retention properties, as well as other refinements to improve its efficiency. 

This photo shows Graeme with some of the larger vessels and sculptures he has made for this firing. I am really looking forward to seeing what comes out of the kiln in about three weeks and the exhibition that will follow over the Summer holidays.

Last week I showed a photo of the first flower on the pink calistemon in the garden. 

A week later and there are many flowers on the bush, much to my delight. I thought I should use them in my ikebana as they are likely to be damaged in the rain we are expecting later today.

Here I have made a 'mass and line' arrangement in a shino-glazed vessel made by Graeme Wilkie. 

Links to the collaborative Ikebana and Ceramics exhibitions at Qdos Gallery between 2004 an 2013 are on the righthand side of this blog page.

Greetings from Christopher
9th October 2016

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