Friday was lovely day to take a walk in the Iron Bark Basin nature reserve, a little west of Torquay. 

In the mid-ground of this photo is the nature reserve, with Pt Addis in the distance. The round-about path takes about 35 minutes to reach the clifftops from this view.

When we got there a paraglider was floating overhead on the updraft above the cliffs. It looks so serene, but not if you have a fear of falling.

Along the track we passed a couple of pink Hyacinth Orchids dipodium roseum. These ground orchids were just a little past their prime.

They are among the most spectacular ground orchids in this area.

Back at home, a flock of Sulphur Crested Cockatoos were making a lot of raucous noise as they chewed seeds of the New Zealand Mirror Bush coprosma repens in the garden next door. 

In the photo above this cockatoo is in a eucalyptus.

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At Elizabeth's first class for this year, the exercise was an arrangement in a glass vessel.

My colleague Pearl, used a gymea leaf and three lemons. She has used a small section of the leaf to hold the main leaf against the side of the vase. 

I used three stems of fennel and a bunch of pink berries from a Peppercorn tree schinus molle. The fennel stems are braced across the vase. I have deliberately spaced them unevenly and left a space at the bottom. Also, the berries are placed asymmetrically. I particularly like to make this style of below water arrangement in Summer for its cooling appearance.

Greetings from Christopher
11th February 2017


  1. Love the tension you created with the leaves to support the lemons. Simplicity of the fennel and pink berry arrangement is wonderful. You are so talented, Christopher. Best wishes for a cool summer for you both, Michael

  2. Love the birds and your glass container arrangement.