Last week I posted the photo below of the first bud to the Haemanthus coccineus that I had planted out last autumn. 


I am pleased to be able to show you the now opened flower. It is interesting that this plant and Amaryllis Belladonna both flower before the leaves appear and are both native to southern Africa. 

This week I set my students an exercise that combined two themes from the Sogetsu curriculum. The first theme was to 'pay attention to the colour of the vase' and the second theme was to 'incorporate fruit' or vegetables in the arrangement.

Helen used a glass vase with mottled green and orange patterning. Her materials were all edible and included gourds and Love-lies-bleeding (Amaranthus caudatus).

Alana used a green glazed, shallow square dish, in which she arranged a branch of fig, green apples and two beautifully ripe purple figs. She treated her fruit as the hikae (usually flowers), extending the line forward onto the table. I think this helps avoid the appearance of simply presenting a bowl of fruit.

Christine has contrasted her materials with her modern white vase. The materials are spring onion, shredded and made to curl, tomato, green capsicum and kale leaves.

Ellie created a playful arrangement with a strong sense of movement, in an unusual pale yellow vessel. The materials are 'Italian' zucchini, lemons and a single yellow chrysanthemum that is just peeping at the back of the arrangement.

Greetings from Christopher
4th March 2017

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