In recent weeks, when we have been in Melbourne, we have taken an early morning walk around the Royal Melbourne Botanic Gardens before breakfast. This is in an effort to maintain our fitness levels for when we walk along the Nakasendo in a couple of weeks. On one particularly bright morning I took the photos below.

Laurie at the 'Temple of the Winds' which is on a bluff that overlooks the Yarra River.


I thought the pattern of sunlight and shadows across the 'Oak Lawn' looked especially tranquil.

At the meeting of Ikebana International Melbourne Chapter last Tuesday Ms Keiko Haneda, the Consul-General of Japan, was our guest speaker. She has been our patron for the last three years and is due to return to Japan this coming week. 

In this photograph Cheiko Yazaki, the president, is on the left, then Ms Haneda and on the right is Rosemary Farrelly - a long standing member who was the subject of a 'mini-talk'. Another member of the Chapter had interviewed Rosemary and then presented a brief summary of Rosemary's life, giving members an insight into the richness of her 91 years beyond what we know about her passion for the Ohara School.

Members were asked to make an arrangement on an international theme, to represent a particular country. 

I misunderstood the theme and made a moribana arrangement with materials from Europe, Northern America, Southern Africa, East Asia and Australia; all in a suiban made by the New Zealand ceramic artist Elena Renker. I described my work as an intercontinental arrangement.

Greetings from Christopher
19th March 2017

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