Three weeks ago the Cootamundra Wattle Acacia Baileyana started to open. I first noticed it from the bathroom window and went into the garden to take this photo.

The small bright yellow blossom was at the tip of a branch and lit up by the sunlight.

This is how the whole tree looked then.

This week the tree is a mass of yellow with almost all of the blossom open. It is slightly past its prime as we had some rain a couple of days earlier. 

On the 1st of July I posted this photo of buds on a new chaenomeles japonica called 'apple blossom' that a friend bought for me when she was on a spree in a nursery.

This is the first open flower. Thank you Shirley, it is beautiful.

In this week's ikebana I have combined red 'Japonica' and the acacia baileyana. I find them both emblematic of winter and to me they suggest two different feelings. The stark beauty of the 'Japonica's' blossom on bare branches remind me of the coldness of winter. Meanwhile, the abundant gold of the acacia is glorious and lifts the spirits in a different way, reminding me of the coming Spring.

The ceramic vase is by a young Japanese ceramic artist, Arikawa Makoto.

Greetings from Christopher
30th July 2017

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  1. I never get tired of looking at pictures of the beautiful Acacia tree in bloom, thanks for posting those pictures.