Today Roadside Ikebana comes to you from a different location.

Here is the location-identifying photo. Half of the iconic bridge.

I photographed these two ferries through the upper foyer window...

                   ...of this iconic building.

The Sydney Opera House is a building with the most wonderful sculptural qualities. 

From the plaza, the Botanic Gardens are glimpsed between the Opera House and on the right, the Benelong Restaurant.

The vault of the sails over the staircases remind me of a Wells Cathedral.


The interior of the concert hall where we attended a performance of Wagner's Parsifal.

*          *          *          *          *

A couple of weeks ago I gave a workshop on using bare branches and was particularly attracted by the twisting lines of the branch shown below. 

I subsequently refined the line further at home.

On Tuesday the Ikebana International Melbourne Chapter held its Annual General Meeting. The Heads of the Ikebana Schools in Melbourne each demonstrated ikebana which can be seen on the above link.

Greeting from Christopher
13th August 2017

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  1. I really appreciate you sharing all these photos of the Sydney Opera House. I have been fascinated by that building and always wondered what the inside looked like. I like the dramatic geometric concreate lines and angles. Are those ceiling and wall panels in the stairways made from wood?