Recently, my student Kyoko has started the second part of the Sogetsu curriculum, books 3 and 4. After the foundational exercises focusing on the proportions and angles of the materials relative to the vessel, the curriculum then attends to other design aspects of ikebana. In this instance the exercise was to make an arrangement using materials 'in the same tonal range'. 

In her cascading arrangement Kyoko has used the deep maroon leaves of Copper Beech Tree Fagus Sylvactica purpurea, a deep purple coloured snapdragon Antirrhimum and pink peonypaeonia suffruticosa.

In the same class, Robyn's exercise was an arrangement using two vessels and intertwining the materials. Robyn has intertwined dietes leaves with a long branch of dried wood and used red berries as a focal material. She has placed a modern ceramic vessel on a black metal right-angled vase.

On Tuesday, the last meeting for 2017 of Ikebana International Melbourne Chapter was held. Photos can be seen on the link. 

Greetings from Christopher, in the Sydney airport having attended Sogetsu Book 5 training with Mrs Misei Ishikawa. Photos next week.

19th November 2017

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