In the garden about a month ago I was lamenting the lack of flowers on the New Zealand flax this year, after it was damaged by a falling tree last year.

However much to my surprise, following some exceptionally heavy rain, a single flower spike appeared. I was delighted when it grew a full metre in the next week. 

Also this year the Grevillea Robusta has flowered again for only the second time. There are more flowers which are larger and seem more dense than last year.


The strelitzia juncea is also doing well this year. 

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The last class for my Thursday morning U3A students was held at my house in Torquay. The class started at lunchtime, later than usual, and I allocated locations around the house for the students to create their ikebana.

I had prepared this welcoming ikebana in the entrance using a hanging vase I had bought in Seto City, Aichi Prefecture in 2006. I do not often use this location for ikebana as I worry that it could be easily knocked.

This arrangement is by Helen using two strelitzia leaves and some green Kangaroo Paw flowers.

Val made this arrangement as an interpretation of a nativity scene. The three lilies represent the Holy Family and the leaves behind them represent the shepherds.

Leonie made a table arrangement using driftwood and pink lilies.

Frances' arrangement was a two kenzan (kabuwake style) work using molecculla laevis, poppy seedheads and Delphinium.

Rhonda arranged Grevillia and Kangaroo paw in a suiban in the house entrance.

Kim arranged two Pine branches in a new celadon vase. It looked so formal that he wisely decided that flowers would be superfluous.

The students discussed their arrangements during my critique and then we enjoyed a social meal of shared food. 

Greetings from Christopher
16th December 2017

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  1. Thank you for all the work you put into this blog so others can enjoy your garden, travels and Ikebana in Australia. It sounds as if you and your students had a fun day and I enjoyed seeing their creations.