At my class in Torquay this week, my student Leonie created an ikebana arrangement on the theme: 'Memories of Summer Holidays'. I must say I really enjoy this theme as the variety of interpretations is so great and also very personal.

This is Leonie's work, a simple arrangement reflecting the south-coast environment using driftwood and some green Amaranthus. She has slanted the amaranthus capturing the feeling of the prevailing westerly winds experienced on the coast. By extending the driftwood beyond the vessel the arrangement conforms to the exercise: 'Incorporating the area around the vessel'.

Last Tuesday, the Melbourne Chapter of Ikebana International held its first meeting for 2018. The theme for the meeting was also the same one: 'Memories of Summer Holidays'. Below are four arrangements that particularly caught my attention because of the surprising idea that was the inspiration for each work. 

This is by Lara Telford, who had returned from 3 months in Tokyo at the Sogetsu Head Quarters to find that her garden had become a 'jungle' through which she had to carve a path to the front door. 

Beverley Webster was very pre-occupied over the summer with the 're-stumping' of her house. She incorporated one of the jacks used to lift the house and an intense blue hydrangea that kept her spirits up during the process.

Lucy Papas remembered her holiday to the Maldives and in particular the beautiful scenes of colourful corals under the water.

Chieko Yazaki remembered summer camp holidays of her childhood. Her cheerful arrangement represents the joy of children playing around a pool in the warm days of summer.

There were more arrangements which can be seen at this link, Ikebana International Melbourne.

Greetings from Christopher
17th February 2018

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