Back in Torquay, after our brief trip to Tokyo last week, Autumn weather has arrived with warm, windless, sunny days and cooler nights. During the week we visited the Lorne Sculpture Biennale, this year titled 'Landfall'. I was intrigued by the simplicity of this work below, sited on the beach. Re-cycled timbers from the Rosebud pier were fixed between two curving steel beams.

It looks warped by the sun and sea...

...and distorts perspective from this angle.

The other work that I particularly liked was 'Couta Memory', a couta boat shaped void created within 19 vertically-placed marine plywood pannels. Follow the links to some interesting information.

This sculptural work was sited at the end of the Lorne pier.

The cool nights have brought an Autumn colour change in the garden.

The ornamental grape vine on the pergola was the first to colour.

I was surprised to see a frond of the Nandina glowing in the sunshine. This is the first time that the it has coloured so evenly. I will be watching to see if more of it changes colour. 

At this stage the hydrangea, that came from Laurie's family home, is only coloured on the leaf margins.

The flowers which have suffered from heat stress during the summer are only lightly coloured so far. I decided to choose the best of them for this week's ikebana in fear that they may deteriorate before too long.

I arranged them in a tall white porcelain vase with some stems from the Strelitzia juncea

Here it is against a plain background.

Unfortunately this year I missed the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show. However, my colleague Helen Marriott took some excellent photos of the award wining Ikebana International exhibit.

See also Emily Karanikolopoulos blog for photos of her demonstration on the last day of the MIFGS. 

Greetings from Christopher
1st April 2018

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  1. I really like your arrangement, such interesting lines with the lovely hydrangea flowers. The Landfall sculptures on the beach are so interesting, I would have loved being there to see them.