What a difference a week makes. 

This is the photo posted last week with the Acacia Baileyana  cascading low over the garden path. As I had suspected it came into full bloom this week...

...and hung even lower. It is really most spectacular and fairly glows in the bright sunlight.

Also last week I mentioned the Melbourne Chapter of Ikebana International had a Saturday workshop focusing on 'Shape' in freestyle ikebana. The workshop was led by Yukako Braun, the Head of the Ikenobo School in Melbourne. Some of her students had prepared examples of ikebana to demonstrate the concepts. These first two examples have a circular form, but very different expressions.

In this arrangement, made by Angela Chau, the materials are arranged naturalistically.

Yukako's own example was a large arrangement with a generous expanding feeling. Her arrangement is 'creative', as distinct from naturalistic, with the materials arranged emphasising surface, lines and the focal point of the flowers.

Julie Ayers' arrangement was also 'creative', emphasising repeated triangular forms.

Bill Riches has made a naturalistic 'vertical' arrangement. In Sogetsu terms this is very similar to a 'double shin' arrangement. The double shin form is also one of the many forms of Rikka. If you click on the link you will see that it obviously takes a master, and many hands, to create such a work. The two halves are separated by a narrow space and each half must have the requisite number of lines to make a complete rikka in itself.

Last week I showed the arrangement I made at the workshop using the 'square' form. This arrangement, above, extends the idea more clearly into three dimensions than last weeks arrangement. Also, the shapes I have made with the leaves are obviously rectangles. The materials are gymea lily doryanthes excelsa leaves and banksia integrifolia, in a ceramic suiban.

Greetings from Christopher
28th July 2018

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